market entry

Back Up Your Entry into a New Market

For the last 20 years, JEN has used Japanese-language media — monthly magazines, travel brochures, phone books, radio programs and Internet portals — to draw the Japanese community and the American business community in Seattle, Washington, closer together. Over time, JEN was able to gather expertise in the areas of editing, design, localization, website production and the advertising business. For companies looking to break into markets where the primary language is Japanese, we can offer media support.


 As the Internet internationalizes the collection and transmission of information, foreign markets are no longer the exclusive territory of large corporations. That's because small businesses that use the Internet wisely can make inroads into a foreign market without spending money on establishing a local office and hiring bilingual staff. "We want to expand overseas with minimal risk." JEN Inc.'s market entry services will support your company to do just that.

Our Solutions

1. English Website Production

At JEN Inc., Japanese language website production isn't just about translating the text. First, we start with a structure and design that will be effective in the target market. After we are fully briefed on our client's expectations for selling in a new market and how it wants to position itself, we create a very effective website to achieve those goals.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Even if you create a website in Japanese, if local search engines don't pick it up, businesses in that market won't see it. JEN Inc. does the appropriate coding for search engine optimization when building your site. We also register your site with the appropriate search engines and offer advice on search engine optimization.

3. Advertising Online

We will propose the appropriate media to promote your products and services, produce English or Japanese Web banners and introduce online advertising opportunities.

4. Japanese Press Release Delivery

We edit and distribute your Japanese press releases by using a local agent in each country to make sure the release gets delivered to the appropriate media. If you have a new technology for a certain sector or a product with a superior function, there's a good chance you'll be covered in the media. This step can be an effective way of delivering information to the right people in a given market. You can decide which media to send to based on country and industry as well.

5. Consumer Research

JEN Inc. is well positioned to survey the more than 20,000 Japanese consumers who live in the Pacific Northwest of the US through its range of local media targeted at the community. If you are considering targeting Japanese residents in the US, this could be greatly effective consumer research.

6. Miscellaneous

We also produce company guides and business cards in Japanese, translate business documents and legal contracts, dispatch interpreters and conduct surveys.