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March 1, 2006

Let’s plan a trip to support Jyojima and Ichiro at a Mariners Game!

“YOUMAGA.COM”, a Japanese language web portal has started new “Navigation systems,” where you can search for hotels, restaurants and many other things to do in Seattle.

Seattle,   March 1st 2006 - JEN Inc., a leading Japanese media company in the Pacific Northwest,  has started  four kinds of navigation systems, named “Travel & Event Navi”, “Gourmet Navi”, “Beauty Navi” and “School Navi” on “YOUMAGA.COM ( ).” The navigation systems enable users to search for hotels, restaurants, and many other things to do in Seattle by name, place and genre.

<Travel & Event Navi>

Since many famous Japanese baseball players such as Ichiro and Jyojima have played with the Mariners, Seattle is now one of the most popular cities in the United States of America to visit for Japanese tourists.  “Travel & Event Navi” enables you to search for hotels, weekly apartments, sightseeing spots, bars and many other good unknown spots which guide books do not cover. The Navi page also includes event information about festivals, plays, musicals and music concerts. “Travel & Event Navi” should be a must for Japanese tourists visiting Seattle to plan personally customized trips.

<Other Navi systems>

In addition to “Travel & Event Navi”, there are three other convenient navigation systems, “Gourmet Navi”, “Beauty Navi” and “School Navi.”  Gourmet Navi contains a variety of information about more than 800 restaurants around Seattle. Restaurant reviews written by our reporters should be very useful when planning a special dinner during a stay. If you would like to experience a luxury moment, “Beauty Navi” will help you search for spas, massage spots, hair salons, and nail salons. “School Navi” gathers information about Universities, Colleges, language schools, dance schools, gardening classes and other  information about schools in the Seattle area. You may plan an extraordinary trip with specific purposes such as learning flower arrangement in the beautiful Seattle rural area.

“Travel & Event Navi”

“Gourmet Navi”

“Beauty Navi”

“School Navi”


YOUMAGA.COM is JEN`s web portal in Japanese which is dedicated to providing information about the Pacific Northwest. It contains local news, unique essays on the local lifestyle, articles about Seattle’s sports teams, and more. The portal also includes some information about Portland, Oregon.


Established in 1990, JEN Inc. has published monthly magazines, a travel guide, a telephone guide, provided TV programs, and an on-line portal in the Pacific Northwest. Our business purpose has been to become a “media” company connecting American companies and the Japanese community in the Pacific Northwest. To make the most of our editing, design, localization, web portal operation and advertisement know-how which we have cultivated in the publishing field, we are currently expanding our business into market entry services such as bilingual homepage production and advertisement agency services to assist corporations in their entry into America n or Japanese markets.

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